Aphaw Aphaw Aphaw Aphaw Aphaw Aphaw


Launched in 1996 by health NGO PSI/Myanmar, Aphaw had long been Myanmar’s top condom brand, but as foreign competitors entered the market, the decades-old mainstay risked being viewed as old-fashioned. PSI/Myanmar sought to update and invigorate the brand’s image, especially on Facebook, where the Aphaw Myanmar page offered information and advice on sexual health for young people.


To breathe new life into the Aphaw brand, Blink updated their Facebook page with fresh photos, videos and infographics that were both educational and fun.

In addition to the Facebook campaign, Blink focused on a more recent holiday trend for Myanmar young people: April Fool’s Day.

Although large corporations have come to use the annual day of pranks for promotional jokes and hoaxes, most Myanmar companies were hesitant to embrace the trend. However, on April 1, 2018, Aphaw announced its new (and fake) condom flavour: Spicy Xiang Guo. The post became the talk of Yangon, reaching more than one million people organically and even generating buzz on local radio stations.