Aphaw Aphaw Aphaw Aphaw Aphaw Aphaw

Overview/ Strategy

Aphaw is Myanmar’s #1 condom brand. Launched in 1996 by health NGO PSI/Myanmar, Aphaw is sold in retail outlets everywhere.

In 2015, PSI launched Aphaw Myanmar Facebook page. Aphaw Myanmar page is a trusted buddy of sexually active male online from whom they can seek advices that enhance their relationship and make their sex life better.


Most people here think Aphaw is an old-fashioned brand that’s been around for decades while many foreign condom brands are coming into Myanmar. And most people think condoms are a kind of erotic product that shouldn’t be exposed to young people and girls. Proper knowledge sharing is needed.


To erase misconceptions that Aphaw is an old-fashioned brand, we provided young, fresh and modern contents with creative visuals. In doing so, we combine both fun-toned content together with a touch of medical knowledge for man’s health.

April fool

April Fool was still unused to Myanmar audience since most clients were over- worried that their brands would be a mess if something bad happened or people misunderstood their jokes. Several April Fool posts were made on the 1st April of 2018, among them, Aphaw’s April Fool post was the most viral that even Radio stations talked about it on air. The post reached over a million people organically and CPR was under $0.001, it was like a eureka. You can see the visual for it.