Making the
Brand a Joke

In 2018, Aphaw’s Blink-produced prank post for April Fools Day was a huge hit with even Yangon radio DJs talking about Aphaw’s (fake) “Spicy Xiang Guo” flavoured condoms.

April Fools 2019 continued the trend with a fake add for adorable, cat-shaped “Pussy Condoms.” Although Pussy Condoms weren’t real (the post text said “You shouldn’t believe what you see on Facebook!”), the campaign achieved huge penetration with a reach of over 200,000 and an engagement of over 50,000 -- magnum-sized numbers for an un-sponsored post.

Birth Control
Thanos Style

One secret to crafting organic viral content, the kind that will spread without paid sponsorships, is to use existing latest social media trends. And what was trending in April, 2019, than Avengers: Endgame?

Everyone was talking about the movie’s villain, Thanos, wiping out half the population of the universe with a snap of his fingers. Aphaw had a better idea: Don’t use the Infinity Gauntlet to decrease the population--just use condoms! The Avengers-related post was a huge hit with an unpaid reach of more than 400,000.

Safety is Sexy

Aphaw means “companion”, and for its Safety is Sexy campaign, Blink produced a video series called “Life Without Aphaw” showing a young guy doing classic romantic activities--watching a movie, packing the car for a road trip, having a nice lunch, etc.--only to zoom out and show that he’s alone 😢 . The solution, of course, is to find an aphaw--a companion--to share life's precious moments.

Fans found the videos funny and fresh with an average reach of 45K+ and engagement of 45K+.