Breadtalk Phone mockup

Dynamic Canvas

Blink generates early interest on BreadTalk’s Facebook page. For a recent line of Chinese New Year-inspired pastries, the campaign began with a canvas-style menu image showcasing the new, Chinese-inspired pastries to come.

Breadtalk 360 Image

Blink inspires engagement by not only posting photos of the new products but asking users questions. One post, for example, asked fans to comment with their favorite product in Oishii Japan theme by encouraging the fans to explore the full 360 degrees.


Influencer Marketing

Blink spices up each BreadTalk campaign with the help of its unrivaled network of social influencers like rising star model Naw Phaw Eh Htar, who modeled for a series of Chinese New Year promotional photos and asked her fans to answer BreadTalk related quiz questions.


The Result

A campaign baked to perfection (so to speak!). BreadTalk’s Facebook page has some of the highest reach and engagement in the industry, with users discussing their favourite BreadTalk snacks and lining up to taste them for real!