The Challenge

Although cross-platform messaging app Viber (by Japanese company Rakuten) is popular worldwide, it had a relatively low engagement in Myanmar, especially for popular feature Viber Stickers, which allows users to send pre-made multimedia images. Viber sought to increase the use of Viber Stickers in Myanmar as well as gain more commercial users for their new Public Account feature.


Blink worked with popular Myanmar celebrities Sai Sai Khem Leng and Phway Phway (each with more than 7 million Facebook followers at the time) to create original Viber Stickers featuring them, which were made available for free. Blink promoted these Stickers with a messaging campaign and by creating promotional Public Account pages accounts for the celebrities, which featured regular photos, videos and page posts.


A win-win: Viber had a surge of user engagement and Stickers usage in Myanmar, while the two celebrities gained more followers and more attention on social media.