A weatherman, a psychic and a rock star

Blink developed and marketed three new sticker packs promoting the Viber Communities of three celebrities: Music sensation Big Bag, famed fortune teller San Zarni Bo and trusted meteorologist U Tun Lwin.

BIG BAG Sticker Pack

For Big Bag, music star and judge of The Voice Myanmar, Blink created an exclusive sticker pack featuring the artist and members of his band for members of Big Bag’s Viber Community. The new pack was promoted on Big Bag’s Community and Facebook fan page via original videos, and twenty lucky fans who downloaded the sticker pack were able to attend a meet-and-greet with Big Bag himself, complete with a private concert. The Big Bag sticker pack was a platinum hit with 121,000 downloads.

Sar Zarni Bo Sticker Pack

Sar Zarni Bo’s campaign was a bit more mystical, featuring stickers for each of Myanmar’s eight zodiac signs which, when clicked, took fans to a special Viber Community for their specific sign, allowing them to receive daily guidance and fortunes from Sar Zarni Bo. In the end, the stars aligned for the sticker packs with 331,000 downloads.


The third campaign involved another kind of prediction: the weather. Downloading a sticker pack inspired by famous meteorologist U Tun Lwin granted users access to a weather chatbot that allowed them to easy access forecasts for all of Myanmar’s states and regions, plus the option to subscribe to regular weather updates. The sticker pack and chatbot were promoted on U Tun Lwin’s social media pages and in pre-roll ads on Duwun media and social post on official Viber page.